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June 17, 2020

Matt Armendariz

Father’s Day is on the horizon and what better way to celebrate the dads in our lives than breaking out the grill and whipping up a classic backyard family feast? Here are recipes that are sure to satisfy, but also bring some extra fun to the grill.

Grilled Lemonade Chicken (pictured above)

This dish uses lemonade, a summer staple, to bring some serious flavor to basic grilled chicken. Use lemonade to marinate juicy chicken legs overnight to bring some zing to the table.

AJ Wilhelm Photography, AJ Wilhelm Photography, AJ Wilhelm Photography

For those who like it spicy, try Sunny Anderson’s dish inspired by peri-peri chicken, a dish with roots in South Africa and Portugal. The dish gets its name, and heat, from peri-peris, a.k.a. bird’s eye chilis. Make the hot sauce from scratch by roasting the chilis, peppers and vegetables on the grill. Boil and simmer the charred goods in a mixture of water, vinegar, sugar, garlic and a pinch of salt. Then blend until smooth.

Matt Armendariz

Mushroom blended burgers are not only a more eco-friendly choice, but with the right mix of mushroom and veggies, can be a super-flavorful alternative to the typical 100% beef patty. This recipe from Food Network Kitchen is made with mushrooms and sweet potato, and is served with bold toppings like charred poblanos and grilled scallion mayo.

Tara Donne

Bring the joy of Korean barbecue into your home with Judiaann Woo’s easy kalbi recipe. Pack a cup with brown sugar to bring kalbi’s signature sweetness to the ribs. And be sure to get a good char on the meat to hit this dish out of the park.

Fill out your Father’s Day feast with Michael Symon’s mac and cheese, fresh off the grill. Just bring cheese and cooked noodles together, then pour the mixture into a skillet. Top with panko and set the skillet over the flames for a hit of smokiness.

Matt Armendariz

If you have a grill basket, fire up steak, chicken and peppers in one fell swoop with this simple, yet genius contraption.

If your household has boarded the train for one of the hottest new trends in grilling, take these Pellet-Grill Smoked Ribs for a spin. This recipe is best made with St. Louis-style ribs, finished off with a sweet, vinegar-based sauce.

Matt Armendariz

Bring cool caprese to the grill in none other than a bread bowl. The key to success here is grabbing the best ingredients you can find – fresh local mozzarella, perfectly ripe tomatoes, high-quality olive oil and crusty bread from the bakery can make all the difference. This showstopping appetizer will make any dad feel special.

Con Poulos

If your dad’s a pizza fiend, Food Network Kitchen’s Grilled Everything Pizza is the only logical Father’s Day meal. Melt grilled vegetables onto homemade dough for the ultimate summer pie.

Any time anyone builds a dish inside a whole pineapple, it’s a sight to behold. Slow-cooked bacon and pineapple bring an irresistible aroma to the festivities, while barbecue pork ribs are tucked inside the fruit to tenderize as they braise in their own juices.

You can make dessert on the grill, too! Round out a great meal with Michael’s sweet and simple skillet crisp. You only need eight ingredients to put this one together.

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